About Kayko

Kayko is the single father of a teenage daughter and a tweenage son, the sponsor of 8 to 10 men in the Midwest, and a once avid but now painfully average golfer. A self-described sobriety junkie, Kayko is also managing editor of a large national magazine and author of Sobriety Junkie: Welcome Home.

Realtime Recovery in no way represents the ideas or opinions of Alcoholics Anonymous or any other program of recovery. The stories and ideas presented here are strictly based on the author’s experience.

Recent Posts appear to the right. Earlier posts can be found in Archives below Recent Posts or by clicking on bold dates in Calendar below Archives. Initial post created April 30, 2009 and titled The Path Narrows.


7 responses to “About Kayko

  1. Hi, Greg

    Here is Naomi. I am e-mailing you from Japan.
    I hope you are “Greg” who I worked with at TRIDENT and at FM Aichi Radio Station inNagoya. Is that really you?
    Almost twenty years have passed since I saw you last. Wow! If it is really you, I have to thank
    this computer technology worldwide. I am very happy that I could find you.

    Well, I had better wait to talk about myself more until I know it’s reallly you.
    If it is not, please forgive my discourtesy.

    Thank you,



    • It’s me, Naomi. Wow. Can’t believe I’m hearing from you. It has been nearly twenty years. How are you? What are you doing these days?


  2. Greg!

    I am so sorry that I haven’t replied earlier.
    I just couldn’t reach your page somehow because of the bad condition of my computer…Oh well, I’m not a computer person, so I don’t know why!
    I want you to e-mail me when you have time. I have so much to tell you about myself in person.

    By the way, I met Kevin by chance the other day.
    It has been almost 10 years since I saw him last time. He is my son’s teacher at university now! Wow! It’s a small world!

    I don’t want to lose you again, so please e-mail me.


  3. having a rough time of it but really enjoyed your message of support!


  4. Hi Greg,
    Good to see your writing and happy you are still at it. You still have your great touch!

    I just started my blog: randomstoryteller.com Check it out.

    Remember when I blew up FilemakerPro and you and Teri locked me out of the system? Well, I created my blog myself. Progress.

    Continue with your wonderful posts!

    Still your fan!–CH


  5. Hello,

    I thought the readers of your blog might be interested in my new book on giving up drinking for a while. It is called Between Drinks: Escape The Routine, Take Control and Join The Clear Thinkers, and the amazon link is http://www.amazon.com//dp/B00GFYH2H4.

    The book will be FREE for download on Amazon on 14 May 2014 only. No catches.

    You can read more about me and the book at http://www.betweendrinksblog.com. This includes testimonials from people who found it useful.

    Thanks for considering and I hope it helps a reader of your blog. If you would like to review the book please email me and I will send you a free copy

    Any questions please let me know – I’d enjoy hearing from you.

    Thanks again.

    David Downie


  6. Good to see you writing. MFA.


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