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Identity Quest

A few days ago, a visitor to RealtimeRecovery (yiothesia8) posted the following comment:

Greg, I have a request of you. A friend of mine recommended your blog to me. Maybe you’ve done this and I haven’t seen it, but how have your views of yourself changed through getting sober and having a marriage end? What’s your identity? Who are you really?

I believe that addiction is the secular word for what the Bible calls slavery. While we’re born free to some degree, we’re really just free to choose our master. What master we choose is based in our identity. If you have interest in exploring that in this blog, I’d love to read it.


This is precisely the type of discussion I’d hoped the blog would prompt. I’ve committed to trying (emphasis on “trying”) to address the first question in a later post. The set of questions, however, and yiothesia8’s commentary, invite a much broader and more provocative discussion than I’m capable of handling alone. If you’re intrigued, visit the comments section of my post, There Is a Solution, and join the discussion thread.